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Friday, 7 March 2014

Sign Texture [OLD]

This sign texture was created within Photoshop. The sign was created with the pen tool, which started as a solid green colour and a white outline before a gradient was applied to give the appearance of lighting.

Then a new layer was added and filled using a rusty brown colour, with a "Film Grain" filter; which was then placed underneath the signs layer. After the rust layer looked like rust, a layer mask was added to the sign layer and was edited using the eraser and the brush tool with a spatter brush to allow the rust to show through.

The scratches were created by drawing shapes with the pen tool, making a selection from these shapes, filling the shapes with black, and adding a bevel layer style called "Ring - Double" with Depth 100%, Size 5px, Soften 0px, Angle 66, Altitude 37.

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